Friday, November 25, 2016

Ward Parkway Thanksgiving Day Run

I ran my first ever 10k ever Thursday morning!

It was the Ward Parkway Thanksgiving Day run.

I had a blast.

I really wanted to break an hour and I came so close! My official time was 1:00:40!

Here's the start, I'm in there somewhere!

Finished! I really pushed it there at the end.

Here's the official results.

Every finisher of this race gets a pie. I ate it all in one sitting. HaHa! It was good!

It was such a great day. I was whipped all the rest of the day. I was really thankful I thought to bring my foam roller along.

Last night while I was playing around online, I got an email from the Garmin Marathon offering me a sweet discount because I've been saying nice things about them on Twitter. So now it's official, I registered to run my first ever half-marathon this April!

Oh boy what have I got myself into now? Haha!

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